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The Society is taking part in a national project to record every gravestone in the United Kingdom and local volunteers are photographing graveyards and cemeteries in Northumberland and Durham. These images and transcriptions are available on our computers at Percy House. The transcriptions are not yet available online but we are able to provide copies of the images.

Our current holdings are:

  • MI_Images.pdf [PDF Document]

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What is the difference between a gravestone and a monumental inscription?
A gravestone is a stone that marks a grave, and every person named on that stone must be in that grave. Many stones record someone buried elsewhere and they are known as monumental inscriptions.

What is the difference between a graveyard and a cemetery?
A graveyard is a burial ground owned by a church; usually sited next to the church; and burials are usually restricted to members of that church. A cemetery is (usually) owned by a local authority; and burials are (usually) accepted from any faith.

If you would like to receive a copy of an image please complete the request form below. Email images are charged at £2 each; paper copies at £3.50 each.

Please note that the majority of stones record more than one name.

Take care with the filenames and only order one image for each one. Multiple orders for the same image of a gravestone cannot be refunded.

Order your images using one of the forms below

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Last updated 28th March 2018

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