Bailiffgate Museum
14 Bailiffgate, Alnwick
NE66 1LX
Contact: Dudley George

Meetings on 1st Tuesday in the month at 7.15 pm
(No meetings in January, February, August & December)





Dependent upon government regulations Autumn meetings will be in-person.

Please note that any meetings listed below will be via Zoom

1 March 2022,     The Danny Dyer Fallacy and other genealogical gems, Speaker: Dudley George

5 April 2022,        Mary Eleanor Bowes – Heiress of the North, Speaker:  Anthony Atkinson


Please note: 28 April 2022, Deckchairs, Piers and Souvenirs: A Celebration of British Seaside History, Speaker: Kathryn Ferry, TV & Radio Broadcaster.


7 June 2022,       Ford at the Time of Lady Waterford, Speaker:  Dr Linda Bankier

5 July 2022,        Victorian Women and their money, Speaker: Dr Winifred Stokes






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Reports of meetings

December 2021

December 2021 Meeting attended by 22 people via Zoom.  

David Welsh gave a talk “Crossing the Border”, by way of introduction to the project he and another retired university lecturer are currently pursuing. Borders between countries nowadays are generally seen as permanent and well-guarded. The de facto border between Scotland and England has moved several times and has always been porous, often to the huge cost of those living either side. The project will use the data from successive census returns from the border areas, so will cover the period from 1851 onwards, although some issues raised are likely to have affected earlier periods. Talks on the findings will be offered once available.

Future Events

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