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If your genealogy research hits the proverbial ‘Brick Wall’ the society offers two excellent facilities to help you get advice in order to solve your puzzle:-

NDFHS Members mailing list

The e-mail based NDFHS Mailing List is a FREE service restricted to NDFHS members who have subscribed to the service. List members are able to submit a Northumberland or Durham related query or topic for discussion by e-mail which is then redistributed automatically to all mailing list members who then have the choice of whether to read and reply, read only, or ignore the message having checked the subject line. Any replies are redistributed automatically to all mailing list members. All messages are stored on the individual members PC therefore it is the members responsibility to delete unwanted or out of date messages which are not searchable. For security reasons file attachments are not permitted.

To subscribe to (or unsubscribe from) the list, send an email to:

Include the word ‘subscribe’ or ‘unsubscribe’ in the subject line; and your membership number in the body of the email.

North-East England Ancestors Forum

The alternative to the Mailing List is the North-East England Ancestors Forum which is also available FREE to anyone who has completed the simple registration process for security and spam prevention. NDFHS members who have registered for the forum can upgrade to ‘Full Member’ status giving access to all areas of the forum. All registered forum members having Logged In can post topics or reply to other posts. Any ‘New Posts’ since your last Log In can be displayed by clicking on the ‘Unread Posts’ link where like the mailing list you have the choice to read and reply, read only, or ignore the message having checked the subject line. All posts, whether you read them or not are stored on the system and can be recovered at any time by using the ‘Search’ facility. Any new posts that you choose to ignore will have been removed from the ‘Unread Posts’ list the next time you Log In but will still be stored on the system. Full instructions for using the forum are provided.

Forum members can exchange Personal Messages (PM’s) offline or e-mails with other members. File attachments are permitted (within memory limit) thus allowing photographs or other images to be displayed. Topics submitted for advice or discussion should cover aspects of genealogy within the Northumberland and Durham area but boundaries can be slightly flexible.

Although it is not essential for forum members to be members of NDFHS maximum benefits can be obtained by being a Full NDFHS member.

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[Last updated: 24th May 2022]