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[Thanks to Dave King on Northumbria list for this].

Anyone researching in the 1500s may be interested to know that images of the 1569 Muster of the County of Durham, which are held in the State Papers, can now be found online starting from

Note that names within Easington, Chester, and Stockton wards are organised initially according to the type of armour & weapons, and then by location, so that if looking for a particular place, expect it to occur several times across several pages. All other wards and lordships are broken down by place initially, and then by armour/weapons.

1559 muster of Newcastle, although in this case it is a summary, and does not list names. On three pages: first page, second page, third page

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ScotlandsPeople have just announced that 31,000 Soldiers’ Wills have been added to their website. 26,000 of these wills were made by ordinary Scottish soldiers who died in the Great War, and there are almost 5,000 from Scots soldiers serving in all theatres during the Second World War – there are also several hundred from the Boer War and Korean War, and others from conflicts between 1857 and 1964.

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