NE Roots Get-togethers
While not a formal branch of the Society, the “North East Roots’ Chat” allow members from around the world to discuss their family trees, share experiences and provide help to other members.

All meetings are held on Zoom

Contact: Gillian, Jane, Jennie, Dennis and Kevin

Chats are held twice a month. The first is held on the Second Wednesday at 7pm. The second is held on the following Monday at 10am.
The different times allow members from the Americas and Australasia to join in.

A link to the meetings will be emailed to all members before the event.

Zoom have produced a number of videos on how to use Zoom, goto and look at the Zoom Meeting videos. In particular,

  • Join a meeting
  • Basic in-meeting navigation
  • Meeting Reactions and Nonverbal Feedback (Raise Hand)
  • Screen Sharing
    Unless specifically requested by the presenter of the talk, all meetings will be recorded and made available to members in the Member’s Home Area of the Society’s website (Chat Videos). If you are concerned about being recorded, you can still take part in the get together. Just use a fictitious name when you connect to the meeting and turn off your video.


    Date Subject of Talk Speaker
    15th July 2024@10am Usworth Mine Disaster and my family Bill Richardson
    16th July 2024@7pm ** Date Change My time as archivist in the North East Keith Bishop

    If you do not live in the United Kingdom, you can find the local time using


    (Last updated 8th July 2024)